Health Department confirms 8 more flu deaths in Iowa


Virginia Health officials are warning Williamsburg residents to get their flu shots before it's too late.

This week's flu stats are particularly sobering when it comes to pediatric deaths.

While confirmed cases of flu are on the rise in the province, everything seems to be on track for another average Nova Scotian flu season as we begin to enter the 6-8-week period of peak flu activity.

Almost every state now has widespread flu activity according to the Centers For Disease Control (CDC).

Across the country in DE, the Division of Public Health (DPH) says lab-confirmed cases of influenza in DE have increased significantly over the last few weeks.

"Flu is everywhere in the US right now", Jernigan said.

Young children are being vaccinated for free because they are what experts call "super shedders", meaning they excrete more of the virus because their immune systems can not distinguish between what makes them ill and what will kill them. "It is generally less for H3N2 than it is for H1N1 or influenza B". In each of the past several flu seasons, at least 100 children have died, according to CDC data.

More than 1,015 people have had the flu since the end of August, according to the DPH.

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"Classic influenza is upper respiratory, so coughing, sore throat, runny nose, but we have also been seeing nausea and vomiting associated with those upper respiratory symptoms as well", she said.

"They can carry influenza viruses not have as many symptoms", said Dr. David Priest, an infectious disease doctor with Novant Health, "So to keep our patients safe in buildings, we say it's best if you don't bring children into the hospital to visit". "Roll up your sleeve and get your flu shot", said Dr. Scott Folk, Mosaic's director of adult infectious diseases.

Dr. Luis Garcia from Family First Health on South George Street said he's seen about 10 or 15 flu cases in York City since October.

"There's plenty of time to get the vaccine and there's no problem with the supply of the vaccine". "As well, there's always a chance you will get the flu so if you don't want the flu, I'd definitely recommend getting the flu shot".

The prominent strain in this year's flu season was H3N2. Persons who develop flu symptoms should seek medical advice to determine if they should be treated with an antiviral drug, which could shorten the course of the illness or reduce its severity.

One reason is the flu season may just be peaking earlier this year than it did last year.

Dean recommends people who have the flu practice good hand-washing, stay home from work and don't send children to school sick.