French league suspends goal-line technology after failures cross the reliability line


France's Ligue 1 suspends the use of goal-line technology after it fails to register two legitimate goals.

Goal-line technology has been dropped from matches after two major errors in the Coupe de la Ligue quarter-finals.

The French league (LFP) has made a decision to "immediately suspend" the use of goal-line technology after a series of glitches with the system, LFP director general Didier Quillot said on Thursday.

LFP said in a statement that GoalControl had been warned last month after some errors in the earlier stage of the season.

France's Ligue 1 has suspended the use of goal-line technology after it failed to detect legitimate goals during the Coupe de la Ligue quarter-finals.

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The LFP also said an administrative council would decide on further action regarding GoalControl next week.

Just as goalline technology looks set to be globally expanded to video assistant referees, so the French have gone the other way.

In Angers' clash with Montpellier on the same night, the referee's watch vibrated when there was no goal before he decided not to use the technology at all in the second half.

VAR has especially been pushed by all corners and have begun to be used in various league and competitions.

It was subsequently given after consultation with a Video Assistant Referee, which the LFP, like the FA, is also trialling.