Farage says he might support new European Union membership referendum


Denying claims of hypocrisy given his persistent pro-Brexit rhetoric, he said: "Why should my family suffer?"

Last month Mr Farage raised eyebrows when he said he was "skint" at 53 years old, despite being entitled to the £90,000-a-year MEPs' salary and living in a £4 million townhouse.

The ex-UKIP leader had said another vote would put an end to "whinging and whining" by opponents of Brexit and "kill it off" for a generation - before later backtracking saying he did not wish for a second referendum - but feared one may be inevitable.

An EU diplomat has told the United Kingdom to "stop dicking around" following news that a second referendum may be on the cards. "They will go on whinging and whining and moaning all the way through this process".

"I have just voted to get rid of my job". He said there are "fantastic" manufacturing figures emerging following the Brexit vote. His UKIP colleagues did not agree: No, no, no!

"Promises before the referendum like £350m extra per week for the NHS have evaporated and it looks like the Conservative government is going to give billions of pounds to Brussels for worse trade arrangements than we have now". Rest assured they would never give up, even after 3,4,5 referenda.

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But he said the "scare stories" told by the Remain campaign have not come true since the Brexit vote.

Sittingbourne and Sheppey MP Gordon Henderson said: "I have always been a great supporter and admirer of Nigel Farage but I am becoming slowly less warm now that he has become a caricature of himself to get attention. It is about implementing the democratically expressed wishes of the British people in a serious and sensible way".

The party's Brexit spokesman Tom Brake said: "But Farage shouldn't be so confident of winning, people are now far more aware of the costs of Brexit and the fabrications of the Leave campaign. what will the Leave campaign bus have written on it next time: "let's not fund our NHS, but pay a £39bn Brexit divorce bill instead"?"

Mr Farage told the MailOnline website yesterday that the European Union was "just being vindictive" to him because of his role in the Brexit vote - and that he was being treated as "guilty until proven innocent".

He believed it would be rejected by Parliament, where he counted more Tory rebels than Labour Brexiteers ready to defy their own side. "There may well be one last dramatic battle that will take place in all this".