Destiny 2: Bungie Makes Requested Changes to How Eververse Works


While the team hasn't determined a permanent fix just yet, they are continuing to "investigate other angles" and promise to "continue to update you as we move forward". The director says Bungie will be "shifting the balance" to prioritize activity rewards over Bright Engram prizes.

Items now only found in Eververse (Ghosts, Sparrows, Ships) will be awarded in other activities, there will be a new "gameplay path" to Eververse engrams and items, and more ways to directly purchase them.

The second is that they'll be creating a gameplay path to earn Bright Engrams and their rewards, which includes Event Engrams. And finally, players will be given more direct purchase options to get what they want.

Those who have leveled up during this event will earn a Crimson Engram and an Illuminated Engram.

Crimson Engrams can also drop from completing the Crimson Days match and from completing the Crimson Days milestone on each character.

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We also know that the final series will contain more CGI than has previously been seen, hinting that there will be a lot more screen times for Daenerys' dragons.

Later this year will come new Crucible playlists, "better clan rewards", masterworks for exoitc items, improvements to Trials of the Nine and much more.

While there are other changes coming like the ability to select which emote is bound to which D-pad button, the aforementioned features are by far some of the biggest additions to the game. It's nothing too dramatic - it seems as though its overall goal won't be changing - but the developer says that it wants to make the Eververse less intrusive overall. Crimson Days (Destiny's Valentine's Day event) will be on this year (after having skipped last year), starting February 13. This all hit a boiling point in December after it was revealed that Bungie handicapped player experience to reduce the amount of Bright Engrams earned just by playing, which would then encourage players to pay for them. Furthermore, it'll provide increased damage reduction while using your Super, and stat types can be rerolled. New Raid-specific perks and guaranteed item drops from major encounters should help ameliorate that the hard raids simply aren't worth the effort at the moment.

Strike Scoring is coming to the hard Nightfall Strike and replacing the current time limit mechanic. Bungie is also adding Masterwork versions of armor and reevaluating how gear mods work, Barrett said. This update will also add text chat to the Tower on PC, mark fireteam members on the in-game map, and even bring a full rework of the mods system, which will see mods have a greater impact on your power. They also announced that the servers will be offline soon.

The blog post ends by letting players know that they will continue to be listened to and spoken to via as many different channels as possible: "Expect to hear more from us via, Twitch, and social media".

First off, Bungie wants to make content availability a lot more clear so that players are always aware of what they have access to and what they don't.