Dark Souls coming to Nintendo Switch


DARK SOULS: REMASTERED includes the Artorias of the Abyss DLC, as well as improved framerate and resolution from the original DARK SOULS game for an exhilarating return to Lordran.

This means that we'll soon be able to play through the entire Dark Souls trilogy on modern consoles.

"DARK SOULS: REMASTERED delivers the same great gameplay, online mechanics, and environmental storytelling that has inspired countless game players and developers", said Kasumi Yogi, Associate Brand Manager for BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.

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It wouldn't be a "Collector's Edition" though if it didn't have something to read and add to your Dark Souls books archive.

This 2008 Nintendo DS game has been updated for Nintendo Switch with HD visuals and a new epilogue that sheds new light on the game's story. Anybody would want this. The Dark Souls Remaster will be launching in May on all platforms. You could frame them and put them on your wall as trophies for the patience you had slaying those bosses or gift them to friends to challenge them to finish the games too. For the time being, it will only be available in Japan without an announcement of a western release. In any case, Dark Souls: Remastered will land on Xbox One, PS4, and PC the same day it launches on the Switch: May 25, 2018. Well, during the miniature Nintendo Direct that took place this morning, Nintendo revealed that Dark Souls: Remastered is, in fact, coming to the Nintendo Switch.