Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Ginuwine reveals his real name


Celebrity Big Brother housemate India Willoughby was at the centre of yet another debate after she claimed transgender women had been "drowned out by the LGBT narrative".

The transgender journalist was nominated for eviction for tonight alongside Love Island's Jonny Mitchell.

She said: "I nearly think a guy in this house would feel more comfortable flirting with Shane (Jenek), because he's a gay guy, and they would be less comfortable flirting with me".

While Australia has long outgrown the Big Brother franchise, the series is still popular in the United Kingdom, producing both a celebrity and regular version.

But she insisted: "I'm completely clam".

That's an easy vote, in the context of the house.the people who push the numbers, what do they want to see?

Fans of RuPaul's Drag Race were delighted to see drag queen Courtney Act (real name Shane Jenek) enter the house on Saturday - she even gave us the first really iconic moment of the season when her skirt ripped off during her introduction.

Last Tuesday, we saw eight famous females enter the house to begin the "Year of the Woman" series and on Friday they were joined by another eight male celebrities who were tasked with looking after the women's every need.

Baffling Katie Price was discussing India being nominated for eviction opposite Jonny Mitchell on spin-off Bit on the Side
Baffling Katie Price was discussing India being nominated for eviction opposite Jonny Mitchell on spin-off Bit on the Side

He added: "Some people will be like 'Lets keep her in and see how bad it gets!' I know it's not meant that way, that people who perform drag don't do it intentionally". Honestly I'm just bored of hearing it all.

India said: "Exactly, people have done very well out of that but I wouldn't do it as a game play, it's just too obvious when you do something deliberate".

Pouting next to a drag act in one tweet in May, she wrote: "Harrogate Pride - fabulous!"

In the Diary Room, Ginuwine gushed: "Me and Ashley made a great connection last night and I think she'll probably be like a friend that I'll probably talk to a lot".

India, who has previously said she doesn't attend LGBTQ events, then likened the upset caused by her phobia to the racist Black and White Minstrel Show.

Rachel Johnson said: "You're right India, but did you expect something else?"

Many watching said Willoughby's views were offensive, however Jenek defended her personal stance, which is pretty remarkable since drag is his bread and butter.

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