UIDAI will issue 16-digit virtual ID to secure Aadhaar privacy


A related poll showed that 70 per cent of the 6,259 citizens who voted, did not approve of UIDAI filing an FIR against a journalist of The Tribune newspaper who exposed how Aadhaar access was easily accessible in the market. "UIDAI needs to re-issue fresh Aadhaar numbers to solve the problem, which is highly unlikely", said Srinivas Kodali, an independent data security researcher, to Medianama, a portal for information and analysis on digital and telecom businesses in India.

"The virtual id is to be used only for local AUAs".

So, here's a ready reckoner on these new features.

What is Virtual ID (VID)? All AUAs (Authentication User Agencies) and ASAs (Aadhaar authentication service providers) to complete the implementation by June 1, 2018, the UIDAI added.

Where to get the VID? . It is like a camouflaged Aadhaar number, where you go to our website, and then enter your own Aadhaar number. DoT had also asked them to provide an IVR based alternative which, however, would have required that the user's mobile number be pre-linked to their Aadhaar in UIDAI's data base.

Only the Aadhaar holder would be able to generate a VID. "There will be only one active and valid VID for an Aadhaar number at any given time", the UIDAI said in a statement. This idea, he said, has been in the books since the first conceptualisation of the Aadhaar system, but was put on hold at the time. Only the former will have full access to e-KYC details and can store Aadhaar numbers.

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Agencies that do not migrate to the new system to offer this additional option to their users by the stipulated deadline will face financial disincentives. That's where the new concept of limited KYC comes in.

Accordingly, it has introduced a virtual identification for the ID holders so that the actual number need not be shared to authenticate their identity. Later, the same was claimed to be false and it was claimed that the Aadhaar details are secure. Though details are still sketchy, it is speculated that banks and income tax authorities will fall in this category. It will be revocable number mapped with your Aadhaar number. Instead, they will get a tokenised number issued by UIDAI to identify their customers.

Given that the VID is aimed to safeguard the Aadhaar details, we hope there is no further security breach in the case of Aadhaar number in the future.

"What we have done is that we have given a facility to people that you can generate a pseudo Aadhaar number". Both Airtel and Airtel Payments Bank had come under fire after the Sunil Mittal-led firm allegedly opened accounts of its mobile phone subscribers without seeking their "informed consent", and LPG subsidies worth crores were deposited into them.

When will the limited KYC and UID Tokens be in place?