Power cut pulls plug on massive gadget expo in Las Vegas


Thousands of people attending the world's biggest consumer technology show got a chance to test the battery life of the latest gadgets Wednesday when some showrooms and hallways went dark inside the vast Las Vegas Convention Center.

But the tech with perhaps the most potential and anticipation will not even launch here for a year or more, 5G wireless internet.

Many companies were forced to suspend their presentations and barred from conducting demos at the annual tech fair.

TrustedReviews Editor Evan Kypreos, who's in attendance at CES, said: "Some stands still had light, thanks to generators, but they've now run out of power. We are working hard to resolve this and appreciate your patience", the event's official Twitter account said. Thankfully, this is CES, so there are plenty of folks on-hand to document the Central Hall evacuation and the weird scene inside.

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Observers said that the outage is a bit ironic, given CES' status as one of the world's biggest technology conferences. It hosts close to 170,000 visitors with more than 4,000 display booths, CNBC reported.

It is unclear what the real cause of the outage is, and attendees have mostly been moved out into the hallways of the convention center. Parts of the connector between Central and South Halls were also affected.

(12:45PM PT) NV Energy is on the case. We will continue to limit access to the LVCC until full power has been restored. Nevada Energy is "in the process of testing and restoring power".

According to CNBC, an isolated power outage shut down the event at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Security personnel evacuated attendees from the affected areas at the time. A preliminary assessment indicates that condensation from heavy rainfall caused a flashover on one of the facility's transformers.