Pistons' Stan Van Gundy Vows To Protest ESPN Over LaVar Ball Coverage


Meanwhile, Wojnarowski has also noted that the Lakers may have to negotiate a buyout with Luol Deng if they want to part ways with him because they are unlikely to move him in a trade. "And they really, just like I do, they really like our young team and the way that we compete". It doesn't matter if there is anything of substance involved with an issue. I don't know how cares, but people care.

The publicity-seeking father of Lakers point guard Lonzo Ball was quoted in an ESPN story, severely criticizing L.A. coach Luke Walton.

At the same time, he notes, that's where the interest is; expecting media companies to not cover things that draw interest is not going to happen any time soon; instead, it's probably best to hope that coverage subsidizes the more important things news organizations do, whether or not they always have a big audience. Then there was the firestorm created by his 20-year-old son, Lonzo Ball, who responded to a question about whether he likes playing for Walton by saying, "I'll play for anybody", leaving many to wonder if he shared the same opinion as his father. I've talked with her a lot during the season. While LaVar Ball's latest comments on Luke Walton might have been stretched by the media, the problem isn't all with what he said about players not wanting to play for Luke Walton, but rather the fact that he's still talking.

"Where we are going, is we are going away from covering the game and getting closer to just sensationalized news", Kerr said.

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After the Lakers' first victory since December 20, Walton was even able to crack a joke about LaVar Ball when asked about his strategy for taking his rookie point guard out midway through the first and second quarters to use him to start the next quarter with the second unit. It's just, can we make it interesting for no apparent reason?

"For one, the Lakers' record has been awful, and while James would make it a lot better, there is reason to doubt that even he and a super friend like George could fix all of the Lakers' problems", Faigen wrote Tuesday. The Lakers only have to because Lonzo Ball is too promising of a prospect. People don't know why they're in the game.

Carlisle, who also serves as president of the NBA's Coaches Association, expressed disappointment in ESPN for running the story, saying that as league partners, coaches make an effort to give the network access and interviews. The guys who coach high school are the ones who really have to deal with the parents. Or else ESPN wouldn't be spending what they're spending to send reporters to Lithuania, when they laid off people who were writing really substantial pieces. Again, this is not a condemnation of ESPN. I don't know what they're doing. It's (as Steve Kerr so bluntly put it) a societal issue.

Kerr said he was not condemning ESPN, which laid off several reporters previous year, but was speaking to a larger societal issue.