Drunk man crashes armored vehicle into Russian store, steals booze


A Russian man stole an armored vehicle north of the Arctic circle and rammed it into a supermarket, where he stole a bottle of red wine, according to the BBC. A person living nearby was able to record the freaky crime (see above), and many people photographed the aftermath.

What we probably wouldn't do, however, is steal a snow-covered tank from a military training organisation and then ram-raid it into the side of a supermarket in order to steal said bottle.

The man had stolen the vehicle from a nearby base of a state paramilitary organization, the Volunteer Society for Cooperation with the Army, Aviation and Navy, FlashNord reported.

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He also crushed a Daewoo vehicle parked nearby, images showed. The guy only opened up a hole in the front of store, and he didn't even bother to take the APC for a joyride after getting his booze.

He then climbed out of the vehicle's hatch, looked at the destruction, and clambered into the store, where he apparently stole a bottle of wine.

Onlookers didn't seem particularly concerned about the sight of a military machine on the sidewalk. He reportedly didn't resist arrest.