Donald Trump Announces First-Ever "Dishonest & Corrupt Media Awards"


Minutes after posting an inflammatory tweet about nuclear war with North Korea, Trump slammed the "dishonest & corrupt" media with a joke apparently pegged to Hollywood's awards season.

President Donald Trump announced Tuesday that he will hand out awards for dishonest media reporting in several different categories on Jan 8. He has accused leading US media of spreading "fake news" against him during the USA presidential election campaign as well as after he became president.

While it's not exactly clear what the president is referring to, it sounds like his proposed awards show would most certainly be a rip-off of Mediaite's Most Influential in Media list - which Trump himself promoted a couple weeks ago.

In November, he tweeted about a competition among news networks for the "Fake News Trophy", excluding Fox News. They are all bad.

Yes, despite literally thousands of news articles being written about Trump since he entered politics on June 2015, his team has only managed to source three stories which they claim are "fake news".

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Late in the evening, Fox News listed out some news stories of other networks that later bear out to be erroneous. "Victor to receive the FAKE NEWS TROPHY!" "And we want to hear from you", the email read.

Trump, conversely, debarred Fox News, which his favorite news channel.

In 2017 he continued to publicly show his disdain for everyone from the BBC and the "failing" The New York Times, to CBS News, Vanity Fair and Anna Wintour, TIME magazine and Newsweek, to CNN, CNN International (DStv 401), The Washington Post, NBC News and MSNBC (StarSat 263).

"The FAKE NEWS has utterly abandoned their duty to fairly report the news to the American people". For The Late Show host, the president's potential awards are another opportunity to mock him and cement his spot as one of Trump's top late-night enemies.