Microsoft Kills The Kinect - Another Nail


Microsoft has now discontinued the Kinect Adapter for the Xbox One console. Microsoft will continue to provide support for the Kinect for Windows SDK via our online forums, premiere and paid technical support.

Months after introducing its most powerful gaming console, the Xbox One X, Microsoft is finally bringing it to India. As of last October, Kinect manufacturing had ceased entirely.

As said before, Xbox One X is now the most powerful gaming console in the market.

The Kinect adapter was offered free in the months following the Xbox One S launch in 2016 before going on sale for $40 thereafter.

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Hopefully, Microsoft will not make the same mistakes with whatever they plan to replace Kinect with. Who knows, maybe Microsoft will decide that the third time's the charm and will give new life to the Kinect alongside the Xbox One's successor. As developers transition from Kinect hardware, Microsoft encourages developers to look into Intel's RealSense depth cameras.

The Xbox One X is the most powerful console that Microsoft has ever built.

This means the adapter, necessary to connect a Kinect to Xbox One S or Xbox One X, will only be available in retail stores while existing stocks last or via second-hand vendors. Xbox One X did not - a sign the writing was already on the wall. The Kinect Adapter is being sold on Amazon though but at really exorbitant costs. This pretty much guarantees that if you don't have one, good luck trying to get one by paying a high-priced accessory. However, as Microsoft has been making the move to new SKUs and increased power, the focus on the Kinect has seen a steep decline.

The interesting about this console according to the company is that the device will support all the existing Xbox One games, Xbox Play Anywhere titles, and even 2nd-generation-old Xbox 360 games and accessories.