Customize your Mini with personalized trim pieces


MINI Yours, which is slated to launch in the United Kingdom in March 2018, will offer customization features such as side scuttles, interior trims, illuminated door sills, LED door projectors, and more. A choice of scalable surface finishes and patterns are available alongside four icon designs and a text entry field for an added personal message. Mini says the service will be made available over the course of 2018 "in Europe and other large markets", presumably including the USA, though Autoblog is seeking clarification on that point.

In a statement, Mini said: "Using a new online store, customers will be able to transform their MINI into a uniquely personalised special by designing their own exclusive items". Buyers can choose the scale for the finishes and patterns as well. Utilizing 3D-printing and laser engraving facilities in Germany, the side scuttles for the exterior turn signals, passenger-side dash trim, LED aluminum door sills and LED door projectors can all be personalized. The plastic trim pieces can be unclipped and replaced with the new part, while the LED door sills are fixed using adhesive pads and the door projectors can be changed by replacing a slide on the underside of the door. They can then be installed either by the customer or a Mini dealer. More specifically, once a part has been ordered through MINI's web-based customizer, a digital file of the model will be sent to the "appropriate" production facility to be made.

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Given the cost and complexity of 3D printing, Mini teamed up with computing giant Hewlett Packard to refine the process. "All MINI Yours Customised products conform to the same high form, functionality and safety standards as the factory supplied components in the original MINI accessories range", says the company.

Mini is no stranger to customization - previously, customers could adorn their vehicles with an array of custom parts.