Super Meat Boy coming to the Nintendo Switch on January 11th


REUTERS/Toru HanaiPictured is Nintendo's late global president Satoru Iwata at their earnings briefings in Tokyo on January 27, 2012.

Sparkle Unleashed, a marble shooter action puzzle game by 10tons Ltd., is now available for Nintendo Switch™.

Nintendo surprised the world with the announcement of the Nintendo Switch in October 2016, and the video game industry has never been the same since then. It involved setting the console's date to July 11 and recreating a gesture with the Joy Cons that Iwata performed in his Nintendo Direct videos. According to hackers, the code to launch the easter egg was removed and the rest of its code was overwritten with garbage.

If the hidden Golf game was a tribute to Iwata, why would Nintendo remove it?

The game will be available as digital download first via the console's eShop.

Footballer Harry Kane Excited to Be Compared to Messi and Ronaldo
But Pochettino believes that his players have passed that test of character, and are now ready to spring back into the top four. We are not expecting a goal fest in this fixture, and as our prediction, we are backing under 2.5 goals in the game.

The Nintendo Switch supply shortage was expected to last for the rest of 2017, with Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime even claiming in September that the crunch might last through the holidays.

Christmas no doubt brought the Nintendo Switch into many homes this morning, but those recipients are left hanging for now.

The feature has yet to be launched and was originally scheduled for a release this year, but that has yet to happen. "Despite consisting of multiple interlocking and disconnecting parts, the Switch feels like a cohesive gaming console".

However, despite all the buzz surrounding the Nintendo Switch, there were two important questions for the hybrid console.