Apple admits to slowing down older iPhone models


Stefan Bogdanovich from Los Angeles sued Apple for slowing down his iPhone 7 Plus.

On Thursday, a New York-based man filed a lawsuit against the Cupertino tech giant - a day after Apple acknowledged that it had created a software feature to slow down older iPhone models, to prevent unexpected battery-related shutdowns.

Tyler Barney taught himself how to take apart his iPhone after he noticed his newer model was slower than his brother's old one.

Apple claimed it slowed down the older phones to reduce wear and tear on their batteries that can cause overloads and make the phones shut down.

Bogdanovich and Speas are trying to get the case certified to cover anyone in the United States who owned an Apple phone older than the iPhone 8.

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Two law students in Los Angeles jointly filed suit as well, and five others from four states spanning from IL to North Carolina sued Apple in a federal court in Chicago.

Apple's tactics were slammed as "immoral", "deceptive", "unethical" and unlawful since it broke consumer protection laws. Apple's fix appears to be throttling the CPU to prevent the phone from randomly shutting down. "They Didn't until they were exposed by a third-party Company".

All three lawsuits argue largely the same point, alleging that Apple concealed information about the owners' iPhones as their performance declined, and when approached to investigate, Apple encouraged owners to upgrade to a newer model. It could have notified people that a power management mode was kicking in to keep their iPhones running for longer because their batteries are running out of juice. Because Apple was not transparent, it's natural for people to suspect it of deliberately crippling their devices to get them to buy new ones.

According to reports, the problem can be remedied by replacing the phone's battery.