Destiny 2's holiday event adds snowballs, Mayhem and new gear


Destiny 2's first seasonal event, The Dawning, arrives next week on Tuesday, 19th December.

This extends beyond the Tower and the Farm, as you can now throw snowballs at enemies in Strikes to stun and damage them. The Dawning gear can also drop from a new Dawning Engram which is available as a reward for completing new Dawning Milestones in the Crucible's Mayhem mode or in strikes. There will even be new consumables that reward you and everyone you're playing with, as well as a weekly inventory update with Tess at Eververse.

On one week or another during the three-week event, you'll find every Dawning-themed exotic (ship, ghost, sparrow, emote) and every Dawning-themed legendary armor piece on her shelves.

Finally, you'll be able to grab Dawning Gift schematics from the Bazaar for each vendor.

The Dawning begins in Destiny 2 on Tuesday, Dec. 19 and ends Tuesday, Jan. 9 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Craft these and give the resulting gifts to their respective NPCs across Destiny 2's solar system and you'll get a gift in return in an activity that'll be repeatable every day.

Then, give the lucky recipient their gift and receive a gift in return.

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Players won't miss the event seeing as the entire place will be decked with snow and decorations, as you can see in the image above. Also new for The Dawning is the return of the Crucible's Mayhem mode, which is not holiday-themed but who cares.

The Dawning is a recurring Christmas event that allows players to access timed content themed around the festive season and winter. "Essentially, our goals are to continue adding new challenges to Destiny, and to keep old challenges relevant without taking them away from anyone. Our Light has returned-and it illuminates everything around us".

As such, the developer is making a series of changes to the game.

Bungie also said that reworks are coming to Faction Rallies and Iron Banner as well, although details on that will have to wait.