Ohio man tried to trade chicken Alfredo, Sprite for sex with minor


He was charged with importuning, disseminating matter harmful or obscene to juveniles, possession of criminal tools and unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. Part of the agreement was that Maruna would bring lubricant, Sprite soda and chicken alfredo, seemingly in exchange for sex.

The officer told Maruna that he was 15 at which time Maruna responded that he didn't believe in age, according to the report.

An Ohio college student who reportedly prepared to meet and have sex with an underage boy was arrested when the boy he was supposed to meet turned out to be an undercover police officer. Police say Maruna traveled to Austintown thinking he was meeting the boy, but when he got there he was arrested.

Citing Austintown, Ohio, police told Cleveland News 19, the Youngstown State University student started chatting through the app with an undercover cop.

Maruna communicated with the undercover cop for about a week, sending explicitly sexual messages and photos of his genitalia, according to the Vindicator in Youngstown.

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Police arrested a college student from OH for allegedly trying to trade Sprite and chicken alfredo in exchange for sex with a teenage boy, according to a Wednesday report.

Police found him with a Tupperware container full of chicken alfredo in addition to other items.

Similar to Maruna's cast in Austintown, these men were in contact with undercover police officers posing as minors online, all ages 14 and under.

When the suspect arrived at the discussed meeting location, he was greeted by cops and promptly arrested.

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