Nokia 9 Android Flagship Smartphone Might Arrive With Telephoto, Wide Camera Lenses


The Nokia 5 received an Android 8.0 Oreo beta update quite recently, and it arrived with a new camera app.

Additionally, the Nokia Camera app version 8.0200.20 comes with a new simplified UI that can be seen everywhere from Camera, Video modes to settings, imaging, and video options.

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The new Nokia camera app shows not only 2x telephoto zoom but also wide angle mode (both features the Nokia 5 can't even make use of since it has a single camera).

However, the Nokia 5 doesn't come with dual cameras, so it won't be able to support these features. You can not access these features in the current app version, because of hardware limitations related to telephoto and wideangle modes, and because these features aren't finished. The clues, ironically, come from the Oreo camera app on the Nokia 5, revealing features that are impossible for that model to support. In case you wish to try the beta update on your Nokia 5, you will first need to join Nokia phones beta labs by creating an account and then validating your Nokia 5. The app also gives the ability to manually adjust ISO (100-2000) and shutter speed (1/500 - 1s). This is being thought to mean that Nokia has chosen to forego the RGB/ monochrome dual camera setup it used on the Nokia 8, and brought two RGB sensors with different fields of view and zoom capabilities on an upcoming smartphone - probably the Nokia 9. Once you have the Oreo beta installed and decide you don't want to continue testing, you can easily roll back to Android 7.1.2 Nougat. The refresh of the Nokia 6, being referred to as the Nokia 6 (2018), is expected to be launched alongside. It was last week when the company announced that they are seeking for Mi A1 owners to get a trail of Android 8.1 Oreo beta version and for that, the company put the last date to enroll which ended on December 11th.