Microsoft Brings AI Powered Update To Bing


The features rolling out today, Microsoft said, include intelligent search, conversational search and intelligent image search.

Microsoft has taken the wraps off new artificial intelligence features for its search engine Bing, as well as Cortana and Office 365.

The Reddit integration works in three ways.

Also a part of Intelligent Search, Bing is partnering with Reddit, to bring information from Reddit to the Bing search engine. When users type in "Reddit" and the name of a Reddit community, Bing will show the relevant subreddit threads.

While on Bing search you will be able to discover AMA schedules and snapshots already completed by simply searching a person's name. That way, typing a question into Bing with the word "reddit" tagged on the end will surface answers from within relevant on-site threads.

Bing's new updates are created to boost confidence in users that search results are correct and that they need not click on multiple links to validate the information themselves. Reddit says it will also start including upcoming AMAs in search results, something the site hopes will drive even more interest for its custom Q&A format.

Troubled with the menace of fake news which gets delivered when algorithms are manipulated by purveyors of misleading news, Microsoft and its tech-company rivals have been extending their endeavor to be purveyors of good information- either by using efficient algorithms or onboarding more human moderators.

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"All this awesome content is sitting there".

At an AI-focused event in San Francisco, the Redmond, Washington-based company revealed that Bing now has the ability to measure how many reputable sources are behind a given answer, as well as summarize opposing perspectives to contentious questions.

The search service isn't applying this to some of the more controversial queries; a quick search regarding marijuana health effects didn't surface an Intelligent Search card, same for questions regarding some hot-button topics like abortion.

Yet whether this partnership will really spur more people using Bing is less certain.

Microsoft provides more AI power to Bing search engine. With the partnership with Microsoft, Reddit is expected to utilize the AI expertise along with Reddit data. But it's hard to see how any AI advancement, no matter how sophisticated or how tailored to specific internet communities, will be able to break the ecosystem lock-in Google has over Chrome, Gmail, and Android users.

Cortana is now available on more than 500 million Windows 10 devices and is used by 140 million people a month.

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