Learn more about Metal Gear Survive's single-player campaign


Metal Gear Survive continues the pedigree of Metal Gear Solid V's highly praised gameplay, with a unique blend of stealth and survival mechanics. The game starts immediately after the events of Metal Gear Solid V with the game's main character being transported to an alternate world filled with the unsafe Wanderers, wildlife, and other survivors. You the player are pulled through a wormhole and find yourself in an hostile environment filled with "biological threats". Scavenged materials can be used to build weapons, buildings and other useful items, as well as develop a base camp, where crop growing and animal rearing facilities can be added. Plus, this is just the single-player aspects of the game, a title that has multiplayer wave-based horde modes that change up the pace of play. In co-op, players will fight with their comrades online to collect rewarding loot which can aid in the single player campaign.

Konami released a new trailer for Metal Gear Survive this morning which showed off some of the game's offerings in its single player campaign.

Metal Gear Survive's beta testing begins on January 18, but it won't be long before the game is officially launched on February 20 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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According to the announcement, the Metal Gear Survive beta will focus exclusively on the game's co-op, allowing players to get a glimpse of three of the game's missions across two maps ahead of launch.

Folks interested in this game will find that Metal Gear Survive is set to launch for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on February 20th in North America and on February 22nd in Europe. Those who participate in the beta will receive in-game rewards in the form of a Fox Hound name plate, Metal Gear REX head and accessory bandana.