Israeli intelligence minister invites Saudi crown prince to visit


Despite Saudi King Salman warning US President Donald Trump against the controversial move to declare the capital of Israel as Jerusalem instead of Tel Aviv, domestically, they are trying to calm the extent in which Israel is criticised in Saudi media. The brotherly meeting between the two monarchs assumes an even more pressing goal now that other regional conflicts remain unresolved.

If King Salman, the crown prince's father and the formal ruler of Saudi Arabia, invites Netanyahu to his country, as Katz suggested, it would be the first visit of an Israeli prime minister to the kingdom in Israel's 70-year history.

King Salman reiterated "the kingdom's condemnation and its deep regret over the USA decision on Jerusalem, which shows a clear prejudice against the historic rights of the Palestinian population on Jerusalem, which have been guaranteed by pertinent worldwide resolutions and supported by the global community".

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told the gathering that all Muslim nations should work together to defend the rights of Palestinians against the Trump administration's decision.

During the meeting, the two rulers "also asserted the necessity to intensify and coordinate the Arab, Islamic and worldwide efforts in order to protect the historic and firm rights of the Palestinian people in Jerusalem, in addition to the importance of finding a just and last solution for the Palestinian Cause in accordance with the global relevant resolutions and Arab Peace Initiative", the SPA report said. Abbas also called for the recognition of the Palestinian state in the West Bank with East Jerusalem as its capital.

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The King pledged to "counter any attempt to change the historical and legal status quo at Al Aqsa Mosque/Al Haram Al Sharif".

Salman said the restructuring the kingdom was undertaking did not contradict its Islamic values, which he said were based on moderate Islam.

He also said the kingdom remains committed to a Palestinian state.

Salman added: "I repeat the Kingdom's condemnation and strong regret over the United States decision on Jerusalem, for its relinquishment of the historic rights of the Palestinian people in Jerusalem". Judging from past experiences, Washington can not be expected to heed the OIC's recommendations and will rather enter into a confrontation with the global community than respect the rule of law on Jerusalem.