Inslee promises state action on net neutrality protections


The Thursday vote scheduled at the Federal Communications Commission could usher in big changes in how Americans use the internet. The American Civil Liberties Union and consumer advocacy groups are also opposed to reversing net neutrality rules.

What do you think of the FCC vote to end net neutrality?

It's a radical departure from more than a decade of federal oversight. They were meant to ensure a free and open internet, give consumers equal access to web content and prevent broadband service providers from favoring their own content. Pai proposes allowing those practices as long as they are disclosed. Net neutrality is the principle that your internet access provider must treat all content on the internet equally.

Internet Association includes such technology powerhouses as Alphabet (Google), Facebook, and Pandora Media. Phone and cable companies say the regulations are unnecessary and that they already support an open internet. "They're out to ring more money out of people for providing the same services they always have". Net-neutrality advocates say undoing these rules makes it harder for the government to crack down on internet providers who act against consumer interests and will harm innovation.

Net neutrality proponents argued that the FCC needs net neutrality to prevent ISPs from unfairly blocking, throttling, or preferring some content, while conservatives argued that net neutrality would diminish the freedom of the internet. Oregon Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden has defended the rules, arguing the government can not expect internet providers to police themselves.

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Comcast said on Wednesday that "despite repeated distortions and biased information, as well as misguided, inaccurate attacks from detractors, our Internet service is not going to change".

FCC Chairman Pai was appointed by President Donald Trump, and in his new proposal, he stated that he wanted the internet to be controlled by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

"Washington state will act under our own authority and under our own laws and under our own jurisdiction to protect the very important measure of net neutrality for all Washington citizens", he said.

He would not rule out litigation that may be taken by states if the vote goes as expected.