Anderson Cooper says he was hacked after tweet calling Trump 'pathetic loser'


The deleted tweet read "Oh Really?" It was reacting to Donald Trump's post about last night's special Senate Election in Alabama.

CNN made a statement Wednesday alleging that Cooper's assistant left his phone unattended at the gym, and the perpetrator then tweeted from Cooper's account and returned the phone.

CNN journalist Anderson Cooper says his Twitter account was hacked today (13 December).

TMZ is reporting that the newscaster claims his Twitter account was hacked and that he did not actually write the retaliation that ended with Cooper's verified handle calling the President a "pathetic loser". "I was right! Roy worked hard but the deck was stacked against him!"

A CNN spokesperson later said in a statement that Cooper did not post the tweet.

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"Just woke up to find out someone gained access to my twitter account", the TV host said after the fact. However, based on replies and tweets, many people believe him and that he didn't tweet the disparaging remarks.

The tweet in question. "Anderson was in Washington, and we have proof the tweet was sent from NY, from a phone belonging to his assistant", the statement read.

Cooper deleted the tweet a little later and said he was looking into what happened. According to CNN, someone took possession of the assistant's phone while he was at the gym and sent the tweet.

Not everyone bought the freaky explanation for the tweet. "We're working with Twitter to secure the account".