Not undergone any makeover, BJP distorted my image: Rahul Gandhi


Rahul listed issues - corruption charges against Amit Shah's son Jay Shah, plight of farmers, atrocities on Dalits, etc, - and wondered why the PM never spoke a word about them.

"This election will be fought on truth - the truth of note ban, "Gabbar Singh Tax" (in reference to GST) etc". "I reject the innuendos and falsehoods as I did not discuss Gujarat elections with anyone else at the dinner hosted by Mani Shankar Aiyar as alleged by Modi". "Even BJP workers in Gujarat are saying this time, the road is tough", Rahul said. It will be formed on the basis of what the people of Gujarat want.

Today is the last day of campaigning for the second and final phase of voting which will take place on December 14, covering the remaining 93 assembly seats. Prime Minister at a poll rally in Gujarat. "Is Kedarnath in Gujarat?" he asked.

Special courts to deal with cases against MPs and MLAs
The special courts scheme will be modified based on the additional inputs provided by the respective States, the affidavit added. According to the affidavit, more time was required to compile the nationwide data on pendency of cases against MLAs and MPs.

His modern outlook, his ability to carry with him party leaders and members across ranks and cadres, his grassroots connect with the people would all combine to lead the Congress to victory in the Lok Sabha, said the 75-year-old chief minister. The scion of Gandhi-Nehru family said that during his visits to temples he prayed for the well-being and future of Gujarat and its people. "The BJP government only gives loans to affluent industrialist", he said.

Rahul also said that the BJP and the PM made personal attacks on Congress adding that the national discourse at present is very negative. "At the same time Modiji's remark on former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh too was not acceptable", he said.

"I sincerely hope that he will apologize to the Nation for his ill thought transgression to restore the dignity of the office he occupies", Singh said in the statement.