Dana White: 'I will be suing Manny Pacquiao and whoever's representing him'


McGregor went through a similar situation when he set his goal to fight Mayweather in a boxing ring - and the end result saw the UFC become the co-promoter of the Mayweather pay-per-view.

Dana White doesn't think that Manny Pacquiao's team has in fact reached out to Conor McGregor about a possible fight.

We got Schaub - an analyst on the MayMac media tour - to weigh in on McGregor vs. Pacquiao with rumors of the super-fight swirling. and he told TMZ Sports Conor doesn't have a chance in hell of upsetting Manny.

McGregor meanwhile is under pressure to name a date for his return to the Octagon, with a line of challengers waiting to take his UFC lightweight belt from him.

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This past summer, McGregor fought Floyd Mayweather in a highly-anticipated boxing match. "If that's true, I will be suing Manny Pacquiao and whoever's representing him".

Pacquiao caused a bit of stir in November, when he teased the possibility of boxing McGregor, by telling the UFC champ to stay "fit" in 2018. "Yes, [Conor's next fight is in the UFC]".

White and Pacquiao's promoter Bob Arum also have a long-lasting bitter relationship furthermore, which one would expect would make such a boxing match hard to make in the first place. "Yes, but it's old news", Arum said shortly after the Vasyl Lomachenko vs. Guillermo Rigondeaux fight in NY. Also worth noting is the vitriol between White and Arum. "It's an acknowledgment how strong boxing is that he has a UFC that's cratering and he needs boxing to save himself".

Speaking to Express Sport, NAC executive director Bob Bennett said he doesn't believe Diaz has applied for a boxing license just yet, but that he probably wouldn't have difficulty getting one if he did. I'll give it to him though, for a [expletive] 95-year-old dude, this guy's still pretty feisty.