Texans quarterback Tom Savage's hands shake after taking hard hit


In the third quarter, the Texans announced that Savage had a concussion and would be out for the remainder of the game.

Yates, who led the Texans to their first-ever playoff win and went 2- 0 as a starter here in 2015, went 14 of 26 for 175 yards.

Texans quarterback Tom Savage briefly returned to Sunday's game after taking a vicious hit from 49ers defensive end Elvis Dumervil in the second quarter.

Johnson was taken out of the 49ers' lineup following Hopkins' 29-yard touchdown reception from T.J. Yates. Fulback Kyle Juszczyk caught passes of 29 and 31 yards to set up the 49ers for the first touchdown in six quarters of Garoppolo as a starter. Savage could be seen arguing with the team official before he was escorted to the locker room by the team's trainer.

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That's the plan for Minnesota (10-2) again on Sunday when it faces the Panthers (8-4) in a game with big NFC playoff implications. The Vikings offense is balanced and features a bigger back, Latavius Murray , and the speedier Jerick McKinnon as the changeup.

He was taken to the medical tent where he stayed for less than three minutes before returning to the bench and going back in for the next series.

Savage tried repeatedly to enter the game on the next series. Immediately afterward, the Houston Texans quarterback exhibited what can only be described as telltale signs of a serious injury.

Fox's camera's showed Savage laying prone on his back attempting to roll over with his arms locked at 90 degree angles with his hands shaking in a manner similar to that of a person suffering a seizure.

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