United States homeless population rises for first time in 7 years


-Third in the number of homeless veterans, with 1,067.

Veteran homelessness decreased 4.25 percent since January 2016.

Skornogoski also noted a lot of people in the count are chronically homeless and have bigger picture problems such as substance abuse and mental health problems that need to be addressed.

Of those, 35.6 percent (544) were unsheltered and 64.4 percent (985) were sheltered, the report stated. It's an increase of 45 people from a year ago.

-Seventh in the number of unaccompanied youth (younger than 25 living alone), 1,160.

Opportunities Inc., YWCA Mercy Home, St. Vincent de Paul, Volunteers of America, Family Promise and Voices of Hope 2-1-1 are working together to assess each homeless person, determine their needs and connect them to services needed to find them stable housing. That's a shift, as homeless numbers have gone down in the state every year since 2012.

The Buffalo woman (who asked to only use her first name) told 7 Eyewitness News Reporter Ed Reilly that she uses library resources everyday to try and find a new job. While overall homelessness increased by 0.7% nationally since 2016, since 2010 there was a decline of 13.1%.

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While overall homelessness decreased, HUD's 2017 Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress found that veterans experiencing homelessness declined 10 percent in state since 2016 and declined 46.6 percent since 2010. That, too, was an increase from the previous year. For every 10,000 people in California, 34 are homeless.

- Chronic or long-term homelessness among individuals increased 44.6 percent ( or 418 persons ) over 2016 levels and declined by 36.4 percent since 2010.

"In many high-cost areas of our country, especially along the West Coast, the severe shortage of affordable housing is manifesting itself on our streets", HUD Secretary Ben Carson said in a statement.

2,330 were located in emergency shelters or transitional housing programs while 975 persons were unsheltered.

The increases are due largely to spikes in the number of unsheltered homeless, according to the report. In San Diego, it's 61.6 percent. The number of unsheltered population is up by almost 10 percent compared to two years ago. The top four regions in the country with the highest percentage of unsheltered are in the state: Fresno/Madera (75.8 percent), Los Angeles (74.7), San Jose/Santa Clara (73.7) and Oakland/Alameda (68.6). New York, by contrast, has nearly 95 percent of its homeless living in shelters.

In Massachusetts, local communities reported 17,565 experienced homelessness on a single night in 2017, a decrease of 10.4 percent since previous year. About 38 percent of them are unsheltered. Since 2010, however, veteran homelessness in IL declined by 23.7 percent and by almost 46% nationally.