Return to Winter Wonderland - 5 Meis & One Yeti-fied Winston


As happened previous year, the winter holiday event, Overwatch Winter Wonderland will also take place this month, bringing a new PvE mode, new skins, and cosmetics for all Overwatch Heroes. "I know a lot of you are thinking 'it sounds kind of silly and kind of ridiculous, ' and well, I'm here to tell you it absolutely is", says game director Jeff Kaplan in a video (seen below).

New Legendary skins will arrive, with Kaplan teasing specific ones for Hanzo, Junkrat and Roadhog.

This year, Snowball Offensive will be available on Ecopoint and the new winterised Black Forest arena.

We'll keep you posted about skins and more.

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The newest Winter Wonderland seasonal mode is called Mei's Yeti Hunt, and it's Overwatch's first attempt at a 5v1 boss fight. It will still be playable in Antarctica as well.

Several maps will also get a Winter facelift, namely King's Row, Hanamura and Black Forest.

Speaking of Mei, Blizzard is planning a new event around the snowy scientist. One team will be comprised of five Meis, while the other will have only a single Winston playing the part of the Yeti.

On top of the returning skins, last year's Winter Wonderland game mode, Mei's Snowball Fight, will also be making another appearance. The Yeti will have to look around and find powerups to charge his ultimate and the Meis will be setting traps and trying to find him. If the Meis kill Winston, they win. When the Yeti is defeated, the group of Meis wins, whereas if a certain number of Meis die, the Winston player wins. Anyone who's played a 6 vs. 1 game like Evolve will be familiar with the concept.