Kate McKinnon Does a Spot-On Screaming Goat Impression


"I'm kidding! Oh my gosh-she really made an impact down at SNL". While appearing on The Tonight Show this week, Jimmy Fallon brought up the topic of recent SNL hosts, and the two began talking about how wonderful Gadot is in real life. "As I was having this reaction, I was aware that it was a cinematic moment, so I was like, "I'm gonna keep it going.' And I sank to my knees and made a 'thing" of it so I would always remember that moment".

Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot has been vocal about her passion for inspiring young women, and on Wednesday morning she furthered that goal in the form of presenting college scholarships.

After thanking her parents, Carla said, "All I can think about right now are how many papers I have to write for my finals, and now I have to do it because of this!" Me and Aidy were just like, 'Yes, ma'am!

For example, when McKinnon asked the actress what her hobbies are, Gadot replied in her signature soothing voice, "I love to go to the beach".

Devil May Cry HD Collection coming to Xbox One, PC
The series received a sequel soon after that was meet with a lot of backlash due to its bad combat and darker take on the series. Devil May Cry have already been remastered for current-gen platforms, but the earlier games remain off-limits.

The action star managed to captivate the entire SNL cast during a dinner before the Saturday show.

McKinnon described the awe she felt being around Gadot, "Everything she said was magic". I love to go to the Maldives...

"In the case of this [film], I was playing a goat, so [the script] said "regurgitation noises" a bunch and 'goat scream, '" she said.