House passes spending bill, first step in avoiding government shutdown


They say "we had a productive conversation on a wide variety of issues". They have yet to say what they will do.

The House has passed a bill to prevent a government shutdown this weekend.

Republicans are advancing a two week CR to give them time to complete their work on their tax bill - not because they are negotiating over how to provide stable funding for the Pentagon and other government agencies, or resolve the many pressing issues before Congress.

Byrne said that he'd be willing to include other bipartisan pieces of legislation with the defense bill, such as disaster aid funding or an extension of the Children's Health Insurance Program.

Negotiations are sure to be tricky. Those are the roughly 700,000 immigrants in the country illegally who were brought to the children.

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Thursday that the leadership was "receiving an update on our military by Secretary of Defence Jim Mattis".

A government shutdown would commence after Friday at midnight if Congress doesn't pass a spending bill by then.

But Meadows warned that GOP leaders would face backlash from Republicans if they agree to Democrats' demands on immigration in the spending bill.

The retreat was signaled on the same days that the Democrats leaders, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, is slated to meet with the President, GOP leaders and the Senate Democratic leader at a White House meeting to talk about the budget.

"That would be very important to us", said Representative Mark Walker, chairman of the Republican Study Committee, the largest grouping of conservatives in the House. Fourteen Democrats supported the measure, however, while 18 Republicans were opposed.

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"The point is we're having the kind of family discussion that we need to have about how to proceed forward with a majority, and I'm confident we will have that", the Wisconsin Republican said. He called keeping the government running "just basic governing".

Many Democrats are vowing to vote against government funding legislation if it doesn't also provide deportation relief for Dreamers, the undocumented immigrants who came to the country as minors.

The House is scheduled to vote Thursday on a bill that would fund the government through December 22 while lawmakers negotiate a longer spending bill.

The two week extension would give Democrats and Republicans time to negotiate spending issues.

"This tax code is pushing American businesses and American jobs overseas", said Speaker Ryan.

House Freedom Caucus leaders emerged from a closed-door meeting with Speaker Paul Ryan Wednesday morning - their second in two days - saying no deal has been reached.

"If a shutdown happens as the president seemed to be rooting for earlier in his tweet this year, it will fall on his shoulders", he said on the Senate floor Thursday.

The Freedom Caucus on Monday initially withheld votes on a motion to go to conference with the Senate on the two chambers' tax-reform bills to gain leverage over GOP leaders on the spending strategy.

Many on both sides have decided a headline-grabbing federal closure would be a political blunder, at least for now. It's not been received well, especially since the House GOP has passed spending bills that have gone unnoticed by the Senate.