Facebook Now Allows You to Live Stream While Playing Games


More bold-faced titles are set to arrive on Instant Games next year, the company said, including Angry Birds and Sega's Sonic Jump.

You can activate live streaming by clicking on the new camera icon on the top of Messenger game.

Facebook rolled out its Instant Games platform previous year to developers so they could create gaming activities for Messenger and the platform's News Feed.

Facebook's Messenger games launched a year ago, and on Thursday the company announced it was rolling out new livestreaming and video chat features.

Facebook also announced that it plans to test a feature that lets users video chat while gaming, as well. The fun-sounding feature will kick off with Words With Friends, so instead of merely imagining your opponent's face when you lay down a 100-point word that no one's ever heard of, you'll soon have the fun of seeing their reaction when they realize what you've done.

The idea with Instant Games is to boost people's time spent in Messenger by giving them something else to do besides just chat.

Instant Games on Facebook Messenger allows video chat
Instant Games on Facebook Messenger allows video chat

Angry Birds lands as a new version of the game that looks similar to the original mobile sensation, but that Messenger has confirmed will come with a "new way to challenge friends". The stream will be available live, with the final video posted to the user's Page or profile so friends can also watch it at a later stage. Just like any post the video can be deleted at any time.

"I absolutely believe that the streaming community, the influencer community, will have the opportunity to see this as something they want to pick up on", Facebook's global director of games partnerships, Leo Olebe, told Venturebeat.

Live streaming of games is a feature already offered by Twitch Interactive Inc., Google Inc.'s YouTube and Microsoft Corp., but in Facebook's case, at least for now, the feature will be used for the entertainment of friends rather than monetization. Angry Birds will be coming to the app in early 2018 with the ability to play with friends. Over 70 game titles have been added in the past six months, over 4.2 billion games of Basketball FRVR have taken place, and 200 million minutes of Pac-Man have been played on the platform.

There's also a series of new titles such as Sonic Jump and Disney Tsum Tsum.

In 2018, Facebook Messenger brings Disney plush characters to the platform with Disney Tsum Tsum, published by LINE Corp.

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