Check Out The Latest 'Death Stranding' Trailer Here


He was joined by Norman Reedus, who joked about finding the footage just as esoteric as the rest of us.

As a part of the 2017 Game Awards Show, a number of new games were announced or showcased; though one of the show stealers appears to be another cinematic trailer for Hideo Kojima's upcoming game Death Stranding. As you can expect, the video was on the odd side.

The trailer once again features Reedus, as well as another baby (or perhaps the same baby!), terrifying giant ghostly beings, and much more to hurt your brain and leave you dumbfounded yet unbearably excited for whatever the shit this game is going to end up being.

"We are back together", creator Hideo Kojima said on stage after the trailer reveal. Before you know it, a bandaged dead body disintegrates into a shower of golden light, shadow tendrils rise from the ether to consume one of Mads' companions and the whole world starts to float away into the sky - Mads along with it.

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It's impossible to get a sense of what kind of game Death Stranding is from this latest video, which is a cut scene in classic Kojima style, but there's a definite horror vibe.

Death Stranding now has no release window, but will be releasing on PlayStation 4.

Kojima has never explained what either the story or the gameplay is about, but the new trailer implies some sort of new extinction, or evolutionary, event.