One-third of GOP voters want someone other than Trump for 2020


A new poll from the Public Religion Research Institute finds that 31 percent of Republicans would prefer a Republican candidate other than Trump, while 63 percent said they would prefer Trump to be the candidate. In comparison, 84 percent of Republicans approve of the president's work. Women make up much of the Democratic advantage: More than half of women (51 percent) express a preference for the Democratic candidate, while only 31 percent say they would vote Republican. "But key Republican base groups such as white evangelical Protestants are maintaining their commitment to the President, with almost a third saying there is nothing Trump can do to lose their support".

Among those Republicans who didn't support Trump in 2016, two-thirds say they still wouldn't support him in 2020 and want a different nominee while one-third said they'd support Trump, NBC News reported.

According to NBC, the October 18-30 poll of 2,019 respondents found that Trump remains extremely unpopular with a favorability rating of 41 percent, while an nearly equal number of registered voters, 40 percent, believe Trump should be impeached.

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While many national Republicans have called on Moore to step aside in the wake of the allegations, Flake is one of the first senators to prominently show support for Moore's democratic opponent.

I believe there are good men and women in the Republican Party. "I think I speak not only for myself but for many other people that I could never vote ever again for a party that is making an open endorsement of a man against whom there are credible accusations of pedophilia". Fifty-five percent said the GOP is moving the country in the right direction, and 67 percent said the same for Trump's policies. More than seven in ten Democrats (77 percent) and Independents (73 percent) and roughly six in ten Republicans (59 percent) agree as well.