Lower house urges North Korea to abandon N-programs


Since July, Singapore Airlines has altered the route of its daily flights between the South Korean capital of Seoul and Los Angeles because of North Korean missile tests. It hadn't previously announced the change.

At the latest launch on November 29, flight crews on planes run by airlines such as Korean Air and Cathay Pacific reported sightings of missile activity while in the air.

A South Korean transportation ministry official, who wanted to remain unnamed, said the flight paths of both Korean airlines were some 220 kilometres (140 miles) away from where the missile landed. Korean Air said the pilots on two of its flights bound for Seoul "saw a flash and everyone is assuming it should be the missile because of the timing".

An airline crew traveling from San Francisco to Hong Kong claim they had a chilling, front-row seat to North Korea's latest missile test over the Sea of Japan.

The U.S. military reportedly detected preparations for North Korea's most recent missile launch at least 72 hours prior, according to The Diplomat, citing U.S. intelligence sources.

It comes after Kim Jong-un tested the Hwasong-15 missile raising the prospect of war with America on the Korean Peninsula
It comes after Kim Jong-un tested the Hwasong-15 missile raising the prospect of war with America on the Korean Peninsula

The resolution, passed unanimously at a plenary meeting of the lower house, strongly protests against the missile launch last Wednesday, demanding that North Korea not conduct further provocations. Pyongyang said the projectile flew as high as 4,475 kilometers (2,800 miles) before plummeting down into waters off the western coast of Japan.

The airline went on to state that it informed authorities and other carriers at the time. "At the moment, no one is changing any routes or operating parameters", Cathay said.

Minutes later, the pilot of another Korean Air plane reported seeing a similar flash of light, airline spokesman Cho Hyun-mook said, as cited by AP.

The airline changed the route back in July after a previous North Korean missile test, according to CNN Money.

Any missile launches must be reported to the International Civil Aviation Organization to assure the safety of civilian aircraft. One of the missiles just missed hitting an Air France plane flying from Tokyo to Paris, France 24 reported. The chances are "billions to one", aviation safety analyst David Soucie told CNN.

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