Iran says Trump Jerusalem move will spark 'new intifada'


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday called on Palestinians and Muslims to "rise up" against what he described as a USA "conspiracy" against the Islamic world.

U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to formally recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital on Wednesday and begin preparations to move the U.S. Embassy to the city, three senior administration officials confirmed to Anadolu Agency late Tuesday.

"That they claim they want to announce Quds as the capital of occupied Palestine is due to their incompetence and failure", Khamenei said, using the Arabic name for Jerusalem.

He made the remarks to a group of top Iranian officials, regional officials and religious figures attending a conference in Tehran.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has consistently emphasized that the main cause of the collapse of Middle East stability and security is the continuation of occupation and the unequivocal support of the U.S. government of the Zionist regime and the denial of the oppressed Palestinian people from their basic rights to the formation of an independent Palestinian state with Al-Quds as its capital.

Iran has long supported its Shia Muslim allies in the Palestinian territories.

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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, also present at the conference, called the USA decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital "a new adventure of global arrogance".

Iran "will not tolerate a violation of Islamic sanctities", he said.

"On the issue of Palestine, (U.S.) hands are tied and they can not advance their goals", Khamenei said, saying the Palestinian people would be victorious.

Certain rulers in the region are "dancing to America's tune" Khamenei said, an indirect reference to Iran's main regional rival Saudi Arabia.

"Iran strongly condemns this move and urges the worldwide community, influential countries and especially Islamic countries to prevent the implementation of this U.S. action, which is only of benefit to the Zionist regime, to preserve the stability of the region".