Bungie Will Address Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris' Prometheus Lens Rifle Bug


One of the primary changes is an increase to the level cap, both player level and gear.

That's because the Curse of Osiris expansion raises the level cap for Destiny 2 characters. Prestige is a higher level and more constrained time limits.

Curse of Osiris is the game's first expansion, and it just received a launch trailer.

Curse of Osiris now requires players to have a power level of 330 in order to access the prestige raids and firestrikes from the base game.

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Endgame content in Destiny focuses on raids and the Nightfall strike, as well as the more challenging "Prestige" versions of those activities. There is also a new raid, titled Eater of Worlds, that will feature puzzles and encounters, as well as an entirely new boss, to keep players busy.

While it's understandable that endgame activities will shift with the living game and require the latest expansion, it's up to the developer to maintain a balance if they are going to split the playerbase with paid additional content. But for folks who haven't purchased the new content, it's become much more hard to access the high-level missions that make up the endgame.

Destiny 2's newest Exotic weapons, the Prometheus Lens, is super-duper broken and overpowered and Bungie's already aware of it, the developer confirmed.