Amazon Prime Video Lands On Apple TV


Amazon and Google, which is owned by Alphabet Inc, square off in many areas, from cloud computing and online search, to selling voice-controlled gadgets like the Google Home and Amazon Echo Show.

Amazon Prime Video app has been released on Apple TV on Wednesday, Dec. 6. Google is miffed by the fact that it is losing ad revenue from Fire TV which was the best selling streaming device in USA and India.

Amazon on the other hand points out to the fact that Fire TV, Fire TV Stick and Echo Show access the web version of YouTube which is free to access without any restriction.

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But now things have escalated and Google has blocked YouTube access on all Amazon Fire TV products as well as the company's Amazon Echo Show.

Amazon Prime Video is part of the Amazon Prime membership, now available for $10.99 or £7.99/month. There are a range of new shows coming to Amazon Prime Video to look forward to this month and over the course of next year.

It's the latest twist in a to-ing and fro-ing between the tech giants which has seen Amazon pulling the Chromecast and Nexus Player from its online store in 2015, Google dropping - and then partially restoring - functionality for Amazon Prime on their Chromecast device earlier this year, and a lack of support for Amazon Prime on Chromecast and most Android TV devices. Sadly if they do not reach an agreement you will have to mirror your smartphone on to the Amazon streaming device to watch YouTube on the big screen. Amazon also doesn't allow its Prime video streaming service on Chromecast, an omission that Google wants to change. If they manage to reach an agreement chances are you will still get to watch YouTube on Amazon devices after December 31st. Whereas Amazon and Google sell cheap hardware monetized by services, Apple's core business involves selling superior hardware at a premium price. But where it gets odder is that Amazon sells Roku and Apple TV devices which makes me think this beef runs a lot deeper than either party is letting on. There's room for both Amazon and Apple to thrive, especially since video is just one facet of Amazon Prime.