Akash kisses Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan calls Hiten 'spineless'


It will finally be revealed how Arshi became the captain of the house, but she should be lauded for her efforts and being steadfast about her own self in the task. Arshi told Vikas that he must watch his tone while talking to her and Vikas asked her to stay away from him.

Housemates will resume the task in the next episode.

Vikas and Arshi once again got into a fight. Hina also wishes to be the captain and is seen discussing it with her friends Luv and Priyank and requesting Hiten and Vikas to help her with the same. Hina starts shouting and asks him to run towards the parking area.

Meanwhile, Hina told Priyank and Luv that Vikas gets credit for whatever happens in the house. Priyank who is a baby in Shilpa's pram tells her that he wants to be the captain. This is an accomplishment for her, as she's often cited as the most playful contestant in the house, who is always teasing Hiten Tejwani and fighting with Hina, but has now proved her worth. Everyone congratulates Arshi for becoming the captain.

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Till now, Shilpa, Akash, Hiten and Puneesh had lost the captaincy race as their baby sitters failed to secure the spot. Luv and Priyank then think about who will become the captain. Arshi gets angry once again and blames him for supporting Bandgi and not her.

Reportedly, Priyank was miffed with Luv for not keeping him as a priority during the captaincy task. So now, Hina, Arshi, Priyank, Luv, Vikas are in the race. But Priyank is heard telling Hina that he won't fulfil his promise as Puneesh had earlier broken his promise by making Vikas the captain. In a rather shocking turn of events, Akash, in order to make peace with Shilpa, kissed her on the cheek without taking her consent. In a video which is now viral on the internet, Akash is forcibly kissing Shilpa near her lips. Yes! Shilpa refuses. Arshi, who is expecting an apology from Shilpa, keeps showering rude words on Shilpa.

All said and done, they are pathetic baby-sitters!