2018 emoji feature proposal released


With this change in place, one would finally have an emoji in either direction, for instance, the train emoji can either be left or right and the same applies for the emoji of a running girl.

This means that by next fall, if all the current emoji candidates from Unicode are approved, you could have roughly 130 new emojis with some or all that are reversible.

A list of the new proposed emoji for 2018 has been released - along with a new feature for existing emoji.

And you think to yourself, "Look at how talented these enterprising young rodents are", and "I would like to celebrate this opus by recreating it using emoji", like so:.

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Earlier possibilities like frowning pile of poo and grinning face with letters "OK" as eyes have (thankfully) been dumped.

According to Emojipedia, there are 2666 emojis in the "Unicode Standard" as of June 2017, meaning that there must be ENDLESS situations in which aesthetic confusion is created by emoji that face the wrong way. The final list will be confirmed in the first quarter of next year, with a decision in January and an announcement in March. That being said the glyphs will only be applied for emoji's that benefit from them. Still, it's fun to peruse the list and imagine what the combination of new icon options and the added ability to flip your emojis will allow you to accomplish in texts to your family and friends. The included emoji is sure to go through several changes before the final meeting in January, so check back frequently!

If you can't stand the long wait till the release of iOS 12, you can at least get a sense of what may be coming by keeping an eye on the Unicode Consortium's emoji candidates list.

On the contrary, three other emoji's have been excluded in the 11.0 beta.