Pennsylvania representative: "I'm heterosexual… keep your hands to yourself"


A freakish exchange Tuesday at a meeting of a Pennsylvania House committee has the state Democratic Party calling on a Republican member to resign.

"Representative Bradford just, look, I'm a heterosexual, I have a wife and I love my wife", Metcalfe says.

"I'm a heterosexual. I have a wife". I don't like men, as you might.

"But don't - stop touching me all the time", Metcalfe continued.

"It's like keep your hands to yourself", he added as a startled Bradford looked on and began laughing. If you want to touch somebody, you have people on your side of the aisle that might like it.

"We are officially off the rails", he responded.

"Then beg;" Metcalfe replied, "don't touch".

"I'm like the suburban Dem, with a wife and four kids himself", Bradford said.

Ryan Briggs, a political reporter for City and State PA, tweeted that Metcalfe had also "once invited a white nationalist to testify in favor of a bill to make English PA's "official language". "It tells you something about the status of our politics in America today if [Metcalfe's words are] somehow acceptable or appropriate".

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Metcalfe then interrupts Bradford. "It's often a contentious committee and I'm trying to get him to let me finish my sentence", said Bradford.

"I do, I do", Rep. Brian Sims, the Legislature's only openly gay lawmaker, said from across the room, triggering bipartisan laughter.

In the wake of Metcalfe's comments, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party called for his resignation.

Metcalfe has been outspoken in his belief that homosexuality is a sin and marriage should only be between a man and a woman.

Metcalfe historically has pushed back against LGBT rights and anti-discrimination legislation.

Metcalfe also worked considerably to stop illegal immigrants from entering the United States.

During an interview after the incident, Metcalfe claimed Bradford had continually reached out and touched him for months and that he had asked him to stop before, according to the Pittsburgh Gazette.

A Turzai spokesman said he was not aware of the speaker getting involved.

"I speak with my hands", Bradford said.