Bridge Constructor: Portal Is Destined For Nintendo Switch


How Portal came to be involved is now a mystery, and it seems as if news of the game was leaked early and this was actually meant to be an announcement at The Game Awards tomorrow.

Never mind Half-Life 3, there's nearly certainly never going to be a Portal 3. Headup Games and Clockstone Software have now announced an official partnership with Valve that'll see us back at Aperture Laboratories before the end of 2017.

You'll need to combine your physical construction skills with your knowledge of the laws of physics and portals to overcome devious test chambers.

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I hope you haven't been too excited.

It has been over ten years since Valve's incredibly popular puzzle game, Portal, arrived with The Orange Box bundle, with an equally popular sequel following in 2011. It will follow up on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch in early 2018. Additionally, GLaDOS singing Jonathan Coulton's "Still Alive" is. You'll build bridges across Aperture Science-like testing areas, utilizing seemingly every element from the Portal universe from Companion Cubes to the orange and blue goo from Portal 2. Based on the teaser trailer, "she" will be in full effect in Bridge Constructor Portal. Feast your eyes on these screenshots, JUST LOOK AT THEM! Or Valve doesn't make games anymore.

The game is coming out very soon, 20 December is the date.