Guest host Chris Pratt duets with Chris Stapleton on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"


The dad of four will be spending time with his youngest son, William John "Billy" Kimmel after he underwent a second open heart surgery.

This is the second surgery Kimmel's 7-month-old has undergone since his birth.

Billy was born last April with heart defects that required surgery immediately after his birth to fix a blocked pulmonary valve, allowing blood to reach his lungs to be reoxygenated. Initially, Billy's operation was scheduled for the last week of October, but it was postponed due to the common cold. In August, Kimmel revealed that Billy would have to face two more surgeries.

Jimmy Kimmel is taking the week off... and getting some help from his A-list friends.

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Until then all we can do is follow the news where it takes us and brings it to you as soon as possible. The details were brought forward by Wario64, although the date has already been removed.

Pratt hosts tonight's show, with guest Margot Robbie (I, Tonya) and a performance by country star Chris Stapleton. Anna Faris' ex-husband also said that he's not used to what he's about to do because he has never hosted anything before. Sadly, there was no dirty dancing on the part of Pratt and Stapleton. Stapleton and Pratt go for broke with their own performance, with the actor beginning the song and Stapleton roaring in.

Tuesday: Tracee Ellis Ross of "black-ish" hosts.

Wednesday: Neil Patrick Harris will be guest host.