Google is Giving Pixelbook and Chromebook Plus Owners Free Netflix


Interested buyers can check out Google's Chromebook site for more details on the deal or redeem the offer if they have already bought the products. This time, it involves a free subscription to Netflix, which will allow buyers to binge-watch all of their favorite shows at no cost for six months. To help better position the new breed of Chromebooks against the premium Windows and Mac market, Google's throwing in a freebie with every purchase of a Google Pixelbook or Samsung Chromebook Plus: Six free months of Netflix. If Netflix suddenly decides to increase their price within the next 6 months, you will get the equivalent value of the new price plan.

The six months apply to Netflix's $10.99 per month streaming plan that lets two people stream at once.

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Owners of those machines should go to Google's Chromebook offer site and click "Redeem" by December 31, when the offer ends. Also if you own a Netflix plan with a different tier the also you can add this discount of $65.94 over your current project.

To be specific, this is the Standard Plan offered by the streaming service provider. Basically, Google is giving users $65.94 in Netflix credit, and you can use it any way you like, except as applied towards gift subscriptions. Quality is only up to HD and can be sent out to two devices only. With your Android-enabled Chromebook, you'll be able to download HD movies for on the go viewing. Chromebooks support this feature, as expected, including Samsung's Chrome book Plus, which is the cheapest of the three options covered by the promo, at $449.