Australia same-sex marriage: MP proposes to beau in Parliament


Tim Wilson, a member of the Liberal party and Australia's lower house of parliament, proposed to his partner through tears during a debate on the same-sex marriage bill today (Dec. 4) in Canberra.

Passage of the bill will make Australia the 26th nation to legalize same-sex marriage, a watershed for a country in which some states considered homosexual activity illegal until 1997.

"The person I have to thank the most is my partner Ryan" Wilson said emotionally, visibly choked up.

"In our first speech I defined our bond by the ring that sits on both of our left hands, that they are the answer to the question we can not ask".

The long-time same-sex marriage advocate put the question again on the floor of federal parliament: "Will you marry me?"

According to ABC, the same-sex marriage legislation was introduced in the House of Representatives on Monday and is expected to pass easily after debate on proposed religious protection amendments.

"So there's only one thing left to do", Liberal MP Tim Wilson told Parliament.

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Deputy speaker Rob Mitchell noted it for the Hansard.

'Well done mate, ' Mr Mitchell said.

"In conversation, other people politely changed the topic or fell silent entirely", he said. Wilson said, referring to the official record of proceedings and debates in parliament.

It's the first time a marriage proposal has been made during a parliamentary sitting.

"Thankfully, the answer was yes".

"They are the answer to the question we can not ask", he said.

Australia's long road to marriage equality is nearly, almost at an end, with the bill to legalise same-sex marriage set to be passed in the House of Representatives early this week.