Saoirse Ronan, 'SNL' women sing about sexual harassment


The 23-year-old actress, who has won universal praise for her upcoming role in Lady Bird, hosted what she called an early St Patrick's Night episode of SNL and her musical guests were U2. The fact that this is modeled like a Katy Perry music video makes it all the more ideal as they point out all the things that are ruined by the presence of rampant sexual harassment.

The first thing on their agenda?

"Oh, this been the damn world", said Strong.

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Their hometown, they sing, is Hell (as in, capital-H Hell is literally their hometown).

Rather than make fun of Harvey Weinstein or give airtime to Matt Lauer, the women of SNL banded together to sing us a catchy bubblegum pop song about how garbage it is to be a woman - anywhere - in today's society. Specifically, the truth regarding sexual assault and its pervasiveness in society. Bryant also clarifies that, whoops, this isn't a "girl group" after all: "This ain't a girl group; we travel this way for safety". The castmembers list parking, walking, Uber rides, vans, bathrobes, drinking, hotels and more.

You won't be blamed if "nothing good ever happens in a van" is something you end up quoting a couple of times in the coming weeks. But, you see, I have a little problem. It's a sadly ironic oversight given the one line she does have, as Nylon points out. "Yeah it ain't fair, pull up a chair, welcome to hell". "This has been the situation since we got boobs".