New 'Pokemon Go' Event Tasks Players With Catching 3 Billion Pokemon


The Global Catch Challenge will wrap up with a special event at the Pokemon Go Safari Zone event in Tottori, Japan on November 26th, but that's not all that Niantic announced on Sunday.

Pokémon Go has a new event - the Global Catch Challenge - which has the potential to unlock the Japan-exclusive creature Farfetch'd for everyone around the world.

Other rewards include a double XP bonus as well more Pokemon appearing worldwide for the Bronze tier at 500,000,000 Pokemon caught worldwide, and the same rewards plus more for the Silver and Gold tiers being achieved, at 1.5 billion Pokemon caught and 3 billio Pokemon caught, respectively.

While most US Pokemon Go players will have the day off from work, many will be spending the day with family and friends and filling themselves up with lots of turkey and mashed potatoes. It asks players from all over the world to catch a total of at least 500 million Pokemons for at least the minimum reward.

With "Pokemon GO" made for the mobile phones and, thus, its broader availability than the "Pokemon Sun and Moon", maybe this time players can finally reach the goal.

The highest reward can be attained if players catch a whopping 3 billion Pokemons.

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Niantic also say that they will crank up the amount of available Pokemon in the wild too.

The more Pokémon everyone nabs, the more prizes get dished out, including region-locked pocket monsters, like Farfetch'd (which will be available worldwide for 48 hours when players hit the top milestone). This new video series will most likely be a sort of blog type series where it will follow "Pokemon GO" trainers on their journey to catch Pokemons. Once unlocked, rewards will last until 1pm PT on December 1st. Even though at this rate amassing 3 billion Pokémon should be a cinch. "Good luck on your Pokemon Go Travel adventures".

It's a direct replacement for the Thanksgiving event celebration run a year ago by Niantic, with the company not wanting to run two concurrent events for the game.

Three trainers, by the names of IHasCupcake, Coisa de Nerd, and Rachel Quirico, were fortunate enough to star in the series.

The challenge will run from November 20 to November 26.