Microsoft confirms Surface Book 2's power problem


According to The Verge, who confirmed this information with Microsoft's representatives, the New Surface Book 2 can be downloaded during use even when plugged in, which is obvious especially in video games. The statement from Microsoft also states that the power management design will not allow the battery to drain entirely, which The Verge points out means the GPU at least will be throttled down as needed.

It is unclear whether Microsoft will offer a stronger charger for Surface Book 2 in the future or whether it will recommend users to play less on their new $2,500 (configured with GTX 1060) laptop. It seems, however, that Microsoft may have artificially leveled the playing field a bit by giving the Surface Book 2 a handicap.

Well, it has to considering that it insists the Surface Book 2 can do heavy gaming and charging simultaneously.

The amount of battery drain that occurs depends on the game, screen resolution and maximum load placed on the GPU.

While Groene was explaining that Microsoft's true goal wasn't making "pretty shells" but "connecting people", The Verge's Dieter Bohn interrupted him to ask why Microsoft wasn't just making a phone.

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The Surface Book 2 is an all-round device, not a gaming laptop, but it will inevitably get used for gaming. However, in some cases, the device's battery may not be able to keep up. The processor alone draws 25 watts in high-power mode, and will even burst to 35 watts.

We would think that Microsoft might provide a more powerful charger in the near future, but now this could be something as a bad review for a device launched just a month ago.

The Surface Book 2 comes with a Power Mode Slider that once set to the "best performance" option enables the machine to consume battery even when connected to the power supply.

It appears that the Surface Book 2 has been created to supply 95 watts of power from the charger to the device, which isn't enough to run the processor, graphics card, and all other hardware components at max. Microsoft says that it is all within expected behavior when using the "best performance" setting.

Users of the 15-inch Surface Book 2 have been noticing that the Surface Book's battery still drains even when plugged in, though this only happens when using the device for gaming.