Tesla Teases 'Mind-Blowing' Electric Truck


"This beats rail", said Musk, throwing up an 85 cents per mile cost.

Tesla's new semi-truck is something out of the box, while the Roadster, its new sports auto is supposed to be the fastest vehicles to date.

Musk described the Roadster as "a hardcore smackdown to gasoline cars" making driving a gasoline sports auto feel like driving "A steam engine with a side of quiche".

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently unveiled the Tesla Mini electric truck in a press event, but the new Tesla Roadster stole the show.

Tesla reverses and does so to reach a record speed of 400 km/h.

Musk says the company was able to achieve these performance number by designing the Semi after a bullet compared to diesel trucks that are more like "a barndoor".

Walmart orders 15 Tesla Semi electric trucks

Also notable, of course, is that Minnesota-based Perbix has been one of Tesla's suppliers for going on 3 years - so the acquisition effectively amounts to Tesla bringing more parts production in house to cut costs in some way, at the very least. This would help Tesla raise $250 million plus the $50,000 deposits on reservations.

Tesla has agreed to acquire the privately owned automated manufacturing equipment designer Perbix Machine Co., the company has revealed.

Musk said the Tesla Semi can also achieve speeds of 65 miles per hour up a 5 percent grade, compared to diesel trucks which can only achieve speeds of 45 miles per hour.

Loblaw is on a drive to reduce emissions in its logistics fleet, while another client, this time from the trucking industry, has booked a firm order for "multiple vehicles".

There will be two models for the new Tesla Roadster. Do let us know about these vehicles in the comments section below.

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