Amazon to launch a new Lord of the Rings series


Deadline is reporting that Amazon put down close to $250 million to acquire the rights to the much revered J.R.R. Tolkien fantasy novel revolving around a ring that not only binds a bunch of undead kings to one evil overlord, but also somehow conjoined Amber Rose and 21 Savage in real life.

The Lord of the Rings' rich imagery is a fertile ground where script writers can find the inspiration to deliver enticing new epics based on the Middle Earth universe.

"We are delighted that Amazon, with its long-standing commitment to literature, is the home of the first-ever multi-season television series for The Lord of the Rings", said Matt Galsor, who represents the Tolkien estate and trust and HarperCollins, in his statement. Here's hoping the team at Amazon is up to the task! It will be produced by Amazon Studios in cooperation with the Tolkien Estate and Trust, HarperCollins and New Line Cinema.

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Author J.R.R. Tolkien created Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and The Silmarillion. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below! The original trilogy starred Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen, Liv Tyler, Sean Bean, Viggo Mortensen, Sean Astin, Cate Blanchett, Orlando Bloom-no word yet if any of the original cast will be asked to be in the Amazon series.

The Lord of the Rings canon was named Amazon customers' favourite book of the millennium in 1999. Aside from Amazon, the Tolkien estate also approached Netflix and HBO for the project. Astonishingly, that price does not include whatever it will cost to develop and eventually produce however many episodes/seasons are in our future.

There are very few other details regarding the new Amazon series, including whether Jackson will be involved or if the show will film in New Zealand, like the movies.