Yep, Sydney Just Named Its New Ferry 'Ferry McFerryface'


More than 15,000 submissions were offered to an online competition to name six new vessels to be added to Sydney harbour's ferry fleet.

In what would probably substantially more thrilling news if this were around mid-2016, it looks like one of Sydney's iconic ferries is going to be very meme-ishly christened Ferry McFerryface.

The ferry is one of a new fleet to be put to use in Sydney, and joins a trend of copycats since last year's United Kingdom vote - including a Swedish train named Trainy McTrainface and a racehorse, also from Sydney, called Horsey McHorseface.

NSW Public Transport recently ran a "Name Your Ferry" competition, which they were no doubt hoping would inspire a similar level of excitement and meme-worthiness as the similar United Kingdom competition. Ferry McFerryface will be the harbour's newest icon, and I hope it brings a smile to the faces of visitors and locals alike, ' Mr Constance said.

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The renaming of the ferry follows a public vote in the United Kingdom to name a new polar research ship Boaty McBoatface.

The new fleet has capacity for about 400 customers, improved accessibility for people with disabilities, wi-fi access, luggage and bicycle storage areas and charging stations for electronic devices.

The name is now part of a similar tongue-in-cheek trend, with a Trainy McTrainFace in Sweden, and a Sydney racehorse Horsey McHorseFace.

The joke continued in Australia and Boaty McBoatFace topped the Sydney poll, but because it was already being used, organisers chose the runner up, Ferry McFerryFace.